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In Home Obedience/Manners Training

How do I know if in-home training or group classes would be a better fit for my dog?

Take the time to think about the following benefits of in-home training:


  • A group class is filled with high level distractions.  It is often difficult for a new owner and/or a beginner dog to listen and retain information during class with the  noise and movement of multiple dogs and owners.
  • Training at home gives owners the advantage of practicing skills in the environment your dog most frequently resides.
  • Personal attention allows the trainer to focus on the individual needs of the client and allows the trainer to readjust curriculum if necessary.
  • Working in your home is convenient, time efficient, and flexible with your schedule.
  • Note:  If you would like private training, but do not want to work in your home, you can also train one-on-one with your trainer at Central Bark in Slinger, WI, located in Washington County.

    *Please call or email for prices and more specific curriculum details.  Nicole can assist you in the best training option for you and your dog.  She looks forward to your inquiry!  
    ​Many dog owners choose to do private training before entering a group class.  After a private lesson, dog and owner are more likely to succeed in the group class.


Private/In-Home Packages 

Puppy Jumpstart Consultation: One 2 Hour Long Session

This private in-home session includes insight into housebreaking, crate training, the learn to earn program,
prevention of problem behaviors, enrichment and an introduction to clicker training.

New Dog Consultation: One 2 Hour Long Session
This private in-home session is similar to Puppy Jumpstart, however this package is for dog owners who have adopted an adult dog.


Manners 101: Three 60 Minute Long Sessions
These private in-home sessions are designed as a Manners curriculum brought to your home where the behavior is relevant instead of the classroom.  This includes a positive reinforcement based plan to teach your dog basic manners such as stay, leave it, come, targeting, and other such behaviors.

Combination Package - 2 Hour Consultation + Manners 101
This package helps identify, plan and work on your specific situation and any special goals you have for your dog.

Discounted Price when purchased as the combination package (2 hour consult + Manners 101)

Loose Leash Walking Training
Nicole will come to your home or location of your choice and provide insight and a plan for pleasant walking with your dog!

This private in-home training provides you with an assortment of enrichment activities for your dog. Remember, a tired dog is generally a good dog. :)  Dogs who are bored and under-stimulated get into trouble.

Build Your Own
This private in-home training is catered to your needs. Nicole designs a Manners Curriculum specific  to your goals.