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Puppy Jumpstart

$125 Six Weeks 

Intended for puppies under 5 months of age.  Dogs do not attend the first week.  

These group classes are kept small to give you and your canine plenty of personal attention!  

The curriculum of this class includes Socialization, Basic Behavior Cues, Common Puppy Issues 

and Prevention of Future Behavior Problems.

Canine Manners Level Two

$125 Six Weeks

Dogs attend all six weeks!!  Small class sizes=More Personal Attention!!  Refine known cues with distractions and learn new cues!! (This class is offered to puppies that have graduated Puppy Jumpstart at Central Bark or dogs that have graduated Canine Manners Level One at Central Bark.)

Training with Friends/Family

In-Home or at Central Bark Slinger

Base Price: $250 (In-Home) / $270 at Central Bark Slinger

Get together a group of friends and/or family and have a training party catered to the needs of your group.  Nicole will spend two hours offering tips and teaching obedience skills utilizing the clicker.  Take home inexpensive enrichment ideas for your dog and win prizes to complete the evening.  If done at Central Bark 15 Minutes of Supervised Free Dog Play is included when appropriate. 


(4 Dogs and Owners Included But Party Can Be Kept Smaller Depending on Your Preference/$15 for Each Additional Pair)
 Limit 6 Dog/Owner Pairs

Walk Nicely With Me

$95 Four Weeks of Your Choice; 50 Minutes Each
Open Enrollment - Join Anytime!

You choose what four nights you attend.  Once you are registered, Nicole will discuss how class is designed.  Nicole discusses proper training equipment, the philosophy behind  proper leash walking  and dog/human teams engage in a variety of games, play and practice.  Generalization of this behavior is important, so we will work both inside and outside the building; dress weather appropriate!

Canine Manners Level One

$125 Six Weeks 

Intended for dogs over 5 months of age.  Dogs do not attend the first week.   Class size is limited to provide more personal attention possibilities!  This class includes, but is not limited to, teaching your dog how to stay, come when called, leave it, drop it, and pay attention to you.  

Play With Me (Enrichment Course)

$95 Four Weeks; 45 Minutes Each

Learn  a variety of ways to keep your dog active physically and mentally.  Remember dogs who lack exercise become bored and engage in "problem behaviors" more frequently. Prevent this with ways to enrich your dog's life.  Dogs attend all four sessions.