Behavior Counseling/Modification

Behavior Typical for Modification Includes, But Is Not Limited To, the Following Examples: Destructive Behavior, Barking, Jumping, Inappropriate Greeting Behaviors, Digging, Separation Anxiety, Chewing, Housebreaking, Loose Leash Walking Struggles, Coming When Called, Reactivity to Other Dogs and People, Aggression

90 Minute Initial Consultation
This consultation includes a short phone interview, a home visit from Nicole, a general plan of action, insight into the problem and a variety of solutions, and a discussion of any further steps which may need to be taken.  If further training is needed, a plan will be implemented specific to your family's needs.  

Each Additional 60 Minute Session

Generally, Nicole suggests a consultation and at least two additional sessions to assess the plan and provide insight into problems that may arise.

Package Deal (Includes 90 Minute Consultation and 3 Additional 60 Minute Sessions)

Nicole highly recommends this package for higher probability of measurable results.  


 *Please contact Nicole for a price list.  She can assist you in finding the right plan for your family.  Prices vary depending on the problem behavior and the driving distance from Nicole's home.  Every package found on this page will include in the cost a year's worth of free email advice, tips, and support directly from Nicole.

*At this time, Nicole will work with dogs that show mild aggression or reactivity to people or dogs.  However, Nicole is not taking any serious bite cases at this time.  Please contact Nicole, so she can refer you to an appropriate trainer to suit your needs. 

Contact Nicole!